Kids these days.

Adobe Muse Beta

Muse (code name) will enable designers to design and publish HTML websites without writing any code. Hear more about what Muse is and why it came about from the talented and passionate people who built it.

I learned about this from Edward Calugtong.

I find myself in the middle of the argument that followed after this release. Most web developers who are more familiar with codes than graphic (read: print) designers—which Adobe is aiming at with this app—reacted and discussed why Muse is a step-back in web development.

I, for one, am quite tempted to use this because I have yet to dabble with codes and am more versed in InDesign than Dreamweaver. But looking ahead at a time when I’d be able to handle codes effortlessly, I see where the problem rests.

What do you think?

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